Natural Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

While there are a number of great natural herbal weight loss supplements on the market which promote healthy weight loss such as Phen375, the best way to use these kinds of supplement is to complement an already healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a suitable diet.

While you may experience some extra weight loss by using a supplement like this one, you will greatly increase its effectiveness if you alter other areas of your life as well with an aim to a healthier situation.

In reality, herbal weight loss supplements themselves will not cause you to lose weight at a very fast rate, however, if you combine them with a healthy diet and regular exercise, then you can certainly improve what they can do for you.

Diet and Exercise

Simply stated, a good combination of a suitable diet with exercise is the key to weight loss.

Even if your goal is to lose weight quick, all you need to achieve it is to obtain a calorie deficit. The calories you expend need to be greater than the calories you consume.

But you need to be careful — if you consume far less calories than your body actually needs per day, then your body will switch to what is known as “starvation mode” and your metabolism will slow down, decreasing the rate at which you lose weight. The best type of calorie deficit is where you create about 2-300 calories deficit every day.

Watch Out for Refined Sugars

To kickstart your diet, you might want to consider a variety of steps to take. Many people find that apart from using a method of natural herbal weight loss supplements such as Phen375, the most important step to a healthy diet is to cut or even completely remove sugar from their diet.

This is not to say that every now and then you cannot enjoy a donut or a candy bar, but excessive consumption of these can really set you back in your goals. The thing you need to remember is that sugar comes in many, many forms.

Fructose — found in fruits. Eating a few pieces of fruit a day is healthy, so don’t stop doing this. What is unhealthy is drinking excessive amounts of fruit juices. Fruit juice has the fiber removed, which slows the digestion of sugar, so you can actually get fat from drinking too much fruit juice.

Sucrose — the standard form of sugar that you find in candy, chocolate bars, ice cream and so on. You can safely cut this from your diet entirely or reduce it drastically to 1-2 portions a week as a treat.

Glucose — this is the type of sugar that is created when carbohydrates are digested in your body. Generally, the more leafy and fibrous a vegetable is, the less likely it is to affect your weight loss (such as celery, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cabbage, etc.). However, be careful with starchy carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice, carrots, pasta and bread as these can make you gain weight.

Using Natural Herbal Weight Loss Supplements

Combining the above information and attitude towards sugar with a healthy routine of regular exercise and an active lifestyle is a great first step to inducing long term weight loss. You can further supplement your endeavor with herbal weight loss pills such as Phen375 as well for an increased effect.

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