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Long story short : This product wont boost your testosterone levels. If at all it will give you a little more energy to perform your daily workout but there are better products out there. If you are looking for a quality Testosterone Booster checkout TestoXl

What are the TestoGen Claims:

  • Increased Libido
  • Increase Strength
  • Higher Testosterone Levels
  • More Vitality
  • Extreme Energy
  • Increased Sexual Stamina

All that sounds amazing but does it work? What is in it?

On their website they talk a lot about how TestoGen will help you build more muscle, have a better sex drive etc and they are right! Testosterone will help you archive all these things.

What Are The TestoGen Testosterone Booster Ingredients?

L Arginine – A great ingredient that can help to boost your nitric oxide levels ( not your testosterone levels ). However the amount of 300 mg per serving is too little to have any effect.

If you are looking for a quality L Arginine muscle building supplement checkout TestoGen.

Vitamin D – May help increase your Testosterone levels but again.

Tribulus Terrestris – This ingredient is proven to boost your Testosterone Levels. However its part of their Growth Enhancement Matrix and i assume the dosage is very low. Even if it would be 100% of the whole dosage it wouldnt be enough.

Siberian Ginseng – For more Energy.

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